First Look | Gargi – Sai Pallavi’s stunning performance is a compelling piece!

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‘Gargi’ is an impactful work with a compelling screenplay centered on the background of sexual assault on girls and the case related to it.

Kargi (Sai ​​Pallavi) is working as a teacher in the school. His father, Brahmananda (RS Shivaji), works as a watchman in an apartment block. A girl is sexually assaulted in that apartment, and Brahmananda’s name is added to it.

Will Kargi, the daughter who embarks on a legal battle claiming that her father is not guilty, win in the end? ‘Gargi’ is a work that tells us who the real culprit is without compromise and with strong screenplay.

Sai Pallavi is undoubtedly one of the greatest actors of contemporary cinema. Carrying grief, like a deer trapped in an unknown forest, he runs aimlessly to rescue his father. He has done justice to the role to the extent that no one can do it better than him.

Kalivenkat should be mentioned next. The actor who used to play small roles has been given a compelling role through this film. Nayam adds to the performance by giving counter dialogues in timing, arguing with fear, speaking in a choked manner, coping with Sai Pallavi’s scoldings with innocent facial expressions. Apart from that, the characters like Jayaprakash, Saravanan, Aishwarya Lakshmi, Kavitalaya Krishnan, Livingstone etc. are written as per the need rather than written as something and their performance also gets attention.

Gautham Ramachandran co-wrote the film with Hariharan Raju and directed the film alone. From the beginning of the film, Bokke, who enters directly into the story without making any compromises, conveys the heat of the film to the audience. Since the beginning of Sai Pallavi’s struggle as a daughter, the screenplay keeps the eyes off the screen. Though there is love, it comes and goes, but thanks to the director for not testing the viewers by putting love songs or giving them an overdose. The film tries to talk about a lot of things.

A person is held guilty by society before being declared guilty by the court. We have seen in the recently released Madhavan’s ‘Rocketry Nambi Effect’ how the family of a person who is judged by the general society will be affected mentally and physically. This film also depicts the impact of a similar family. Thus the film exposes the media as a major source of criminalization by the general society. The film talks about the current state of journalism through the powerful dialogues like ‘What is said is not news.. What happened is not news’.

The scene where a transgender is appointed as a judge and explains that ‘I know the pride of man and the pain of woman, so I am the right person to judge this case’ is a masterstroke. The biggest strength of the film is that without carrying the scenes through long dialogues, Vasant Govinda’s violin adds to the power of the screenplay. .

The director has noticed scene after scene that the victim girl’s face was not shown, the police officer was named as Bennix Jayaraj, Sai Pallavi was also shown as a victim, deep dialogues, the free legal advice center was ineffective, and preconceived notions about the criminal. Similarly, a wife could not accept that her husband was in prison without any tension. The presentation of the lawyer as a stutterer and turning it into a template is tiresome.

As mentioned earlier, Govind Vasantha’s pinnani music that fills the space for the dialogues helps convey the visual language well. The frames in the cinematography by Sriyanthi and Premkrishna Akkattu add to the quality of the scene. Shafiq Mohammad Ali’s sharp cutting can be felt in the film.

All in all, ‘Kargi’ is definitely a must-watch movie as it tells deep stories with a compelling screenplay.

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