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Actor and director Pratap Bothan’s demise has been mourned by many in the film industry.

In Tamil, Prathap Bothan has directed films including ‘Meindum Or Kadhal Kathi’, ‘Jeeva’, ‘Vetrivizha’, ‘My Dear Marthandon’, ‘Makudam’, ‘Atma’, ‘Sivalapperi Pandi’, ‘Lucky Man’. In this, he was awarded the National Award for the film ‘Meendum Eru Kadaal Kathi’. | Read > First choice of uncompromising directors Pratap Bothan

Apart from this, he has acted in more than 100 films in Malayalam, Tamil, Telugu and Hindi since the 1980s. 69-year-old Pratap Bothan passed away today at his home in Chennai. In this case, many people in the film world are mourning his death.

Kamal Haasan On his Twitter page, he wrote, “Friend Pratap Bothan continued his intense reading of literature and unquenchable interest in art films. I have seen during the ‘Vetrivizha’ period that he is also an expert in successfully directing lively films. Tribute to him” he posted.

In a video released by Sathyaraj, “My deepest condolences on the passing away of Aaruir’s friend, great director and wonderful actor Prathap Bothan. He got a good name by acting in two films Jeeva and Makudam directed by him. Mind is like a child, never having fun with him, always smiling. But the news of his sudden death is shocking,” he said.

Khushbu wrote on his Twitter page, ‘Pratab Bothan’s death is heartbreaking. I was very saddened. I lost a good friend, a wonderful man, a great technician, actor funny man this morning. I had the privilege of working with him in a few films. We will definitely miss you.”

Keerthy Suresh, “Your personality will last forever. We will miss you. I pray for peace of soul” he posted.

Nivinpali, “When we said goodbye last week, I never thought it would be the last time. Pratap sir, it was a great experience and an honor to work with you as your son in ‘Roshan Chetan’. I will always remember you for your innocent smile, sparkling eyes and kind words.”

In a statement issued by the South Indian Actors Association, it is a great shock that his friend Prathap Bothan, who made his debut as an actor in the Malayalam epic film ‘Takara’, was a good director, and always acted as a simple man with a big smile, suddenly left this world.

His circle of film friends will feel like they have lost a member of their family. We who are in need of comfort need to console the family and relatives who are suffering from his loss. On behalf of the actors community, the South Indian Actors Association extends its condolences and condolences with a saddened eye.

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