“Rs 25 lakhs per month…Businessman asked to be his wife…” – Neetu Chandra’s Public Shares

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Actress Neetu Chandra has expressed dismay that a businessman asked her to be his wife for a monthly salary of Rs.25 lakh.

Bollywood actress Neetu Chandra has acted in Tamil films including ‘Yavarum Nalam’, ‘Diratha Elethu Pillai’ and ‘Yuttam Sey’. In a recent interview with ‘Bollywood Hungama’, she said, ‘Mine is a story of failure in a successful actress.

Having worked with 13 National Award winners in big films, I am left with no chance today. ‘A big businessman came to me and offered me Rs 25 lakh a month. Do you agree to be a wife?’ he asked. I was shocked when he asked that.

Now I have neither money nor job. A very famous director called me for an audition. He rejected me within an hour. I mean he invited me to audition only to reject me. So my hope is shattered. Before this, even the thought of committing suicide came to my mind many times,” he said warmly in the interview.

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