“If I am given Rs 1,050 crore, I will host” – Salman Khan ‘Shock’ condition for Hindi Bigg Boss?

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It has been reported that actor Salman Khan has said that he will host the 16th season of Bigg Boss if he pays Rs 1,050 crore. It is said that the TV management is shocked to hear this.

‘Bigg Boss’ has its own fan base. There are dedicated fans who watch this show in all languages. Looking at it in that way, Bigg Boss Hindi has now reached its 16th season. Salman Khan has been hosting ‘Bigg Boss’ in Hindi for the past 13 years.

He will host the 16th season this year. He has reportedly expressed his desire to quit hosting the show several times.

But the TV management did not let him go. Soon the names of the contestants who will participate in the 16th season of ‘Bigg Boss’ Hindi will be announced.

In this case, it is said that Salman Khan has urged the producers of the show to triple his salary to host the show in the upcoming season. He has conditionally said that he will host the show this time only if he pays the salary he asked for.

Salman Khan’s salary for hosting the show for the previous season i.e. 15th season was Rs.350 crores. Salman Khan has asked Rs.1050 crore as salary which is three times more than that. The administration is said to be shocked to hear this.

Salman Khan once said in a press conference, “Every time I plan to quit hosting Bigg Boss, the producers convince me. And, because of that, I am forced to become a presenter again.” The question has also arisen whether he asked for such a sum to withdraw from the show.

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