‘No one in the world has taken it’ – Rajini praises for Night Shadow

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Actor Rajinikanth has expressed his appreciation and congratulations for the film ‘Shadow of the Night’, saying, “I have never done a linear single shot film before.”

After ‘Othda Seruppu Size 7’, Parthiban has directed the film ‘Iravin Shito’. There was only one character in the film ‘Othda Cheruppu’. ‘Shadow of the Night’ is shot in a linear ‘single shot’. The film is shot in one shot for almost 96 minutes.

Thus, the film has the honor of being the first film in the world to be shot in a single shot using the linear screenplay method. Varalakshmi Sarathkumar and Robo Shankar are playing the lead roles in this film produced by Akira Productions. Composed by AR Rahman, the film premiered at the Cannes Film Festival.

As the film ‘Shadow of the Night’ is releasing in theaters on June 15, actor Rajinikanth has praised the film. Talking about this in a video, actor Rajinikanth said, “Parthipan… is an art fan who always strives to do something different. I am a linear single shot. No one in the world has ever taken it. They have shown how they shot this film for 29 minutes. Creeping. This film will definitely do well” he said.

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