Is Nakshatra Nakshaar being made into a film about heterosexual attraction?

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It has been reported that the movie ‘Nakshatram Nagaranga’ directed by B. Ranjith has been made as a movie about heterosexual attraction. If this information is confirmed, it is said that the film will get the honor of Tamil’s first same-sex attraction cinema.

Directed by Pa. Ranjith, Kalidas Jayaraman starrer ‘Nakshathram Nagargana’ is a movie. Tushara Vijayan is playing the female lead in this film. Along with them, many actors including ‘Dancing Rose’ Shabbir and Kalaiyarasan have acted. Cinematography by Kishore Kumar, Nakshatra Nagaruha is composed by Tenma. The film is produced by Neelam Productions in association with Yazhi Films. The first look poster of the film, which is ready for release after the shoot, was released recently and grabbed attention.

In this case, director Ranjith posted on his Twitter page that the announcement about the stars of the film will be released today. The poster that he has put up reflects the colors of the national flag of his milk lovers. Thus, it is said that the film ‘Nakshatram Nagaranga’ will be a work that records the lives of lovers through love. If this information is confirmed, the film is said to be Tamil’s first same-sex attraction movie.

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