From ‘Sunderapandian’ to ‘Vikram’ – Different Levels of ‘Villain’ Vijay Sethupathi!

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Only those actors who dedicate themselves fully to the collective art of cinema are admired over time. If you take Malayalam cinema, none of those actors will have any image. Mammootty can also act in ‘Purm’. At the same time, ‘Bhishma Parvam’, ‘CPI 5; Can also act in films like ‘The Brain’. Even today, many question how a leading actor can play a negative character like ‘Purm’.

That is what earns him the status of a great artist. If it is taken in Tamil like that, then Vijay Sethupathi can easily be seen in that place. As a lover boy in ‘Kathu Vogla Kadhal’ and as a mad villain in ‘Vikram’, he can give two different films at the same time. Let’s see how Vijay Sethupathi, who acts without worrying about any kind of image and gives importance to the character, is captivating the fans with his choice of negative character.

‘Sunderapandian’ (2012) – Sasikumar played the lead role in Prabhakaran’s 2012 film Sundarapandian. Vijay Sethupathi appeared only in the second half of the film starring Lakshmi Menon and Suri. After he emerged as the leading man, many who saw the film were surprised that ‘Vijaysethupathia acted in this’.

But, when the film came out, he would have enthralled the fans with his compelling villain character. Her character gained attention among film critics. No one expected that Munnani, who played a negative role during his non-heroic days, would go back to negative roles even when he fit into the hero image later on.

‘Vikram Veda’ (2017) – It is not a period like ‘Sunderapandian’. Now Vijay Sethupathi is well known among fans. Nevertheless, he embarked on a valiant effort. In fact, a plot like ‘Vikram Veda’ needs a compelling negative character. As many of the leading actors fail to embrace the roles, the audience misses out on a good screenplay.

Vijay Sethupathi came and said ‘Katha Solatta Sir’ to get rid of all that longing. Pushkar Gayatri adds extra heft to the heavy character of the hero. In fact, his intro scene and the accompanying PGM are more Mersal than Madhavan’s intro.

‘Petta’ (2019) – This time with Rajini. Less screen space for Vijay Sethupathi. But he didn’t care about that. He only saw if his performance could do justice to the character. No matter how many scenes were written for him, he would have performed to the extent of proving himself in all the scenes.

Rajini on one side and Nawazuddin Siddiqui on the other side are forced to give compelling performances. But Vijay Sethupathi aka ‘Jithu’ would have done it as an assault.

‘The Master’ (2021) – Taking it from ‘Vikram Veda’, Vijay Sethupathi chose to play a negative character for two years. ‘Master’ came after such a successful film.

In the film, which created great expectations among the fans, the scene of Vijay doing Facebook in the trailer made the fans crazy. Those who entered the theater wanting to watch the film would have been captivated by Bhavani’s character.

He tried to overtake Vijay at some places. His speech in the shower scene, the ‘fire chicken’ line, and the final fight scene had the theater roaring with noise.

Vikram (2022) – Second film with Lokesh. Another negative character. It is as if Lokesh decided to write Vijay Sethupathi as the villain while writing. He doesn’t even appear in the intro scene with a toned body and a six-pack. On the contrary, his body somehow remains unchanged and appears realistic.

It makes the audience wonder how one can appear in such an opening scene without worrying about his hero image being destroyed. But for an artist who has completely devoted himself to acting, acting is the only soul. His impressive body language and style make him a compelling villain in Tamil cinema.

In fact, Vijay Sethupathi’s performance is like water. He has the ability to change himself to suit any role he is playing. All of the above works have come about because of self-adaptation. The film industry is longing for more compelling villain characters, Vijay Sethupathi himself!

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