‘Aishwarya Rai earned more than me’ – Prithviraj

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No one is paid on the basis of gender. On the contrary, actor Prithviraj said that the salary is given based on their star status.

Directed by Shaji Kailash, Prithviraj starrer Katua released in theaters on June 7. The film is running in theaters as a maas masala and is getting mixed reviews. The film crew expressed regret that the film featured scenes that hurt disabled people. Along with this, the film crew also held a press conference in Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala. In this press conference, apart from the issue of disabled persons, the issue of wage hike was also discussed.

Speaking then, actor Prithviraj said, “I support the idea of ​​equal pay regardless of gender. But an artiste is paid on the basis of his star value and not on the basis of one’s gender.

For example, Aishwarya Rai was paid more than me in the film Ravana. An actor’s salary is determined based on the importance of their screen presence and not on their gender. If Manju Warrier stars with a debutant actor in future, it cannot be said that both will be paid equally. Because Manju Warrier is an actress with more star status, so surely she will get paid more than a newbie actor.

An actor’s salary is decided by the producer of the film. “Maybe if the actor is asking for extra salary, then he gets rid of him and chooses the actor who will perform on his fixed salary,” he said.

Meanwhile, the team of ‘Kadua’ has announced that they have decided to remove scenes against disabled people. Also, it is noteworthy that the Kerala Film Chamber has recently demanded that the leading heroes reduce their salaries.

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