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Today is the birthday of the late Na Muthikumar, who became a revered poet of Tamil cinema after 2000. His lyrics are crawling on social media and television. The impact of the lines written by N. Muthukumar has made him a celebrated person even today. Not only Na. Muthukumar, Tamil cinema fans have been celebrating many poets since Pattukottai Kalyana Sundram. There is no alternative.

However, the criticism that Tamil cinema songs are moving away from lyrics has been rising for the past few years. A recent example is Dhanush’s song ‘Taik Kihwai’. The song has crossed a million views on YouTube. This song has its own fans. No one has the right to criticize it. However, there is nothing wrong with the lyrics and criticism of this song for the average fan. On the birthday of N.Muthikumar, we are going to see whether the importance of lyrics in Tamil cinema has decreased through this article.

Recently there was a debate on the internet. It says that post-2010 Tamil cinema has “abandoned lyrics and songs are often recorded as noises, a short trend away from their liveliness”. There is nothing wrong with these criticisms. Many people feel that there is a big void for lyrics and music in Tamil cinema. Even Ilayaraja had recorded the same opinion about the current music trend.

Songs of heroes: Heroes like Dhanush, Sivakarthikeyan have now made it a habit to write at least one or two songs for their films. Their lyrics are lyrics for a certain period. That means the life span of that song is short. Some days are of the type that are celebrated and thrown away. In this too, some of the lyrics may last for many years like Athi Puthar. But it is worrying that their numbers are very few.

Generation Gap – While these accusations arise, it can also be considered a generational gap. It can be said that they are writing songs for the tastes of today’s youth. The tastes of the respective age are also included in it. Just like how our parents lost interest in post-2000 songs. In a way, the tone of this record may be like saying, “We were all in that time…” But there is a need to point out that there is an increasing drought for lyrics in Tamil cinema.

There is also the allegation that songwriters are not given full freedom. Some openly say that opening cinema doors for quality lyrics is a bit difficult. Writer and lyricist Shaun Karuppasamy said, “It has been two years since I wrote the song Thangame Thangame for Pava Katha. The song was also a massive hit. So far, no one has approached me to write another song,” he said on Twitter. This also sparked a debate on social media.

Songwriters should be given freedom to: Budding poet and writer Muthurasa Kumar says, “Apart from cinema, there is more freedom for lyrics in independent songs. I wouldn’t say there aren’t opportunities for songwriters. In fact, the opportunity has now expanded. There is something important in this. Peppy songs are popular in recent years. Because of that, poets are also trapped in a circle. Many people come to a preconceived notion that this is going to be a hit, and that’s why I think lyrics are irrelevant. The main reason for this is the decisions of the director-composer-producer.

The director and music director should give full freedom to the lyricists. Directors and music composers feel that songs don’t reach when they give importance to lyrics. They think that people will definitely not welcome such songs. Basically people are fans. They will also celebrate Don movie songs like… We should not judge people because they like this. Surely freedom should be given to songwriters. If freedom is given, the number of songs giving importance to lyrics will also increase,” he said.

Tamil cinema songs will live on forever if they recognize the importance of lyrics and give space to them without judging the tastes of the fans.

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