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Troubled by the younger sister who is married off, the drunken father, the unfulfilled love and the ‘bachelor’ Uttrapathi (Karunakaran) are problems that don’t bother him. It’s not windy enough to hit a piglet while riding a bike, and so, a new problem arrives.

To fix it, Uttrapati wanders in search of the piglet. He learns that it is with Thittani (Yogi Babu) and with the help of his friends, he tries to snatch it away. Thittanyo, thinking of it as an incarnation, defends it as an opinion. Finally, the story is whether Uttrapati’s problem is solved or not.

Director Anusharan has depicted the troubles caused by superstitions in the daily life of the village people as a comedy drama centered on a piglet. The film is actually a full-length comedy. The strength is that any comic scene is not just a joke, but a real joke that bursts into the plot.

In order to make amends for ‘Kodangi’, Uttrapathi and his friends search for the lost piglet, although it is a bit tiring, the film is enjoyable. Karunakaran is slowly showing that he is a ‘hero material’.

The songs of him as the hero of the story are real. The way he confronts the central issue of the story and his approach to his family and girlfriend are brilliantly captured by a measured, unfussy performance.

It is a big surprise that Yogibabu is not known as a comedian but as a character. His efforts to protect the piglet, who comes in marriage, are laughable. Vijay TV fame Rama and Singhambuli fill the role of comedian in the film.

Ram’s comedic bursts and body language as a ‘Foreign Return’ bachelor in the role of ‘Brune’ are amazing. Rama’s shrieks as he realizes that everything ‘Kodangi’ says is happening in reality creates a whirlwind of laughter in the theatre.

Singampuli, who is a priest in a temple outside the town, makes it lively by spending time with his family at the hotel and taking vacations to the temple for friends. Even though there are few scenes as Kodanki, the way Dindigul used Leoni is nuch! The way he portrays the character of Arulvaku Samiyar with modernity is also funny.

This ‘bunny cutie’ can be hailed for its non-stop laughs and message about swine flu, while poking fun at pig-related superstitions.

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