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Actress Kangana Ranaut has said that the reason for the failure of the film ‘Thakat’ was the campaign instigated against her.

Kangana’s recently released Hindi movie, ‘Dhakat’. Made at a cost of Rs 85 crore, the film collected only Rs 4 crore. Producer Deepak Mukut is said to have sold his assets as the film made heavy losses. However, Deepak Mukhut denied it.

In this case, Kangana has said that the film failed because of the propaganda instigated against her. “When I wake up every morning, there are hundreds of articles saying that ‘Thakat’ is a failure. But, why is nobody talking about the flops of films like ‘Rade Shyam’, ‘Gangubai Kathyavadi’ and ‘Juk Juk Jio’?” asked Kangana Ranaut angrily.

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