‘There are many difficulties in filming a novel’ – Actor Karthi

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Produced by Lyca and Madras Talkies, directed by Mani Ratnam and starring many leading stars, the teaser launch of ‘Ponniyin Selvan’ took place in Chennai. The leading actors of the film participated in this. Actor Karthi, who was present at the event, spoke about his role as Vandiyathevan.

In it, “History lesson in our school days makes us fall asleep. We are not interested in history. All we hear during the rest of our waking hours is that the stranger has enslaved us. Nowadays, nobody has time to read a book. After watching a 10 second video, they move on. But Mani Sir, a book with 5 parts. He has filmed. You cannot create without reading history. I tell this younger generation to read history.

Watching this movie will make you feel proud. When such pride comes, the thought of saving it comes. I have to say that Ponni’s Selvan is a gift given to us by Mani Sir.

When I told my mom that I will play the role of Vandiyadevan in Ponni’s Selvan. All the girls in my college said that they would love to marry someone like Vandiyadeva. Ammadiov… What is he such a big lover boy? I asked that. After that I asked a friend who studies history and when asked how to understand Vandiyadeva he said that he is an IAS officer. An IAS officer knows everything. He said that he should know all the arts like horse riding and war.

He said that there is no separate section for him. Vandiyadeva is a prince but he has no country. But he is greedy. He has all desires. From desire for women to desire for money, there are all kinds of desires. But very honest. This helped me to understand Vandiyadeva.

Also, there is the problem of filming a novel. Because everyone who reads this novel will have different understanding. At least more than 50 lakh people have read this book. “Mani sir has made this film very beautifully to suit everyone,” he said with emotion.

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