‘Seyan is fine’ – Dhruv explains Vikram health rumours

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Actor Dhruv Vikram requested, ‘At this time, we request that my father and our family be given the necessary privacy.’

Actor Vikram is the leading actor of Tamil cinema. He made his debut to Tamil film fans with the film ‘En Kaadhal Kanmani’ released in 1990. Starting with director Bala’s ‘Sethu’, he has attracted the attention of fans by playing different roles in various films. His upcoming movie ‘Cobra’ will hit the screens soon.

In this case, actor Vikram suddenly fell ill and was admitted to a private hospital in Chennai. He was reported to have suffered a heart attack. However, the hospital administration denied it and said, “Actor Vikram Kaveri was admitted to the hospital for treatment due to chest pain. He was given appropriate treatment by medical professionals. He did not have a heart attack and is currently in stable condition. He will be discharged from the hospital soon,” he explained.

Now Vikram’s son Dhruv has also posted on social media giving an explanation about his father’s condition. It read, “To all dear fans and well-wishers… My father is undergoing treatment in the hospital due to mild chest discomfort. All reports that he has suffered a heart attack are completely false. Such rumors are paining us.

We request that you give my father and our family the privacy they need at this time. Cyan is fine. One day the father will return home. So please don’t spread unnecessary rumours. I hope that through this post all the rumors will be dispelled and there will be a clear understanding,” said Dhruv Vikram.

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