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This film is a work that attempts to tell a joke about the happenings around the bunny.

Everything in life is a problem for Utravati (Karunakaran). His younger sister Nilavati (Shathika) quarrels with her husband and stays at her mother’s house. In that tragedy father Periya Karupu (TP Gajendran) always drinks and becomes addicted to alcohol. Apart from Karunakaran’s frustration that love did not come his way. In this life surrounded by problems, he loses hope and tries to commit suicide.

Seeing this, some people save him and take him to the preacher to solve his problems. What did the preacher say? Director Anusaran Murugayan has told with a funny screenplay, centering on a baby bunny, whether all the problems in the life of Utravati have been solved.

His first film ‘Kirumi’ was a fast-paced thriller with a plot twist. His now release ‘Pannikkutty’ is quite the opposite and is a fun comedy-drama. Anusharan makes the audience laugh with comedy in ‘Pannikutty’ just like he did with the score of the thriller in ‘Kirumi’.

Karunakaran as Utravathi. With all the trappings of a village boy, he fits the character perfectly. His innocent face is a great strength in conveying the sadness of the character. Yogibabu as a scold. He has done some noteworthy performances in few scenes and has been amazing in some timing comedies. This is an important film for Rama who plays the role of Brune. A scene where he sits in front of I. Leoni is memorable even after the film is over.

Ramar has added great strength to the film in comedy scenes. Thangadurai comedies with him are laughable like Bhuswanam at some places and Saravedi at others. In 1997 Arunvijay and Vadivelu starrer ‘Ganga Gowri’, I. Leoni played the role of a father. After that, after a long time, in this film too, he gets attention with his facial expressions. Besides Singam Puli, TP Gajendran, Malini Sathappan and Shathika have given excellent performances.

Though not bursting with laugh out loud scenes throughout the film, it elicits soft laughs. The frames of the three Karunakaran, Rama and Thangadurai are somehow enjoyable. The character selection is also perfect. Although the interspersed love scenes are not disturbing to a great extent, the same belief that Karunakaran – Malini went to a love song is disconcerting. The story starts uninteresting at the beginning, but later takes a few twists and turns but doesn’t pay off much.

In this hilarious film, when the hero has a problem or a need, it does not affect us in any way. We get over it easily. So, when the hero goes in search of the bunny, the search does not stick to us. Thus shrinking into a mere fragmented comedy film, the plot of the film does not affect us to any great extent. Similarly, since the climax scenes of the film are not strongly written, a sense of incompleteness can be felt even after the end of the film.

The song ‘Pannikkutty Pannikkutty’ in Krishna Kumar’s music and Pranithi’s voice is memorable. Satish Murugan’s cinematography enhances the visual experience of the film. Arunachalam Murugayan’s cinematography is noteworthy.

All in all, ‘Bunnykutty’ is a ‘decent’ comedy film suitable for this weekend, to have fun and laugh without any expectations.

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